Vintage Stone Films was established in 2011

In the few short years we have been in operation we have grown in many ways; from the complexity of our projects to our client portfolio, from a few friends in a basement to a networked group of filmmaking professionals, we are excited to grow each and every year with each and every project.

Walking before we ran, the age old saying in our industry goes: “you're only as good as your last project.”and how true this is. We understand that this business works on trust and faith. We can only hope that each project will prove our ability to handle something more complex the next time around.

In the past we have managed various projects of every kind so we could ensure our expertise to our clients through every day practice: Emmy winning writing, corporate/internal promotions, feature film lighting, Emmy winning film editing, color grading, 3D product branding, documentary filmmaking, rigging, gripping, DIT video assist, and data management.

We are currently comfortable with having mastered our work at hand and are now setting our eyes on growing into a one-stop shop for indirect commercial video production. When working with agency liaisons that have a specific vision in mind, they can trust us to manage their client’s projects to exceed their vision and breathe life into the project.